Oddání 1781 Kostelec

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Oddání 1781 Kostelec

Příspěvekod MattH » úte srp 07, 2018 21:18

I need some deciphering assistance with a marriage record (see image). The information I can make out is as follows:

Groom: Loqvencz, Josephus (son of Clementis?? Loqvencz, of Kostelec)
Bride: Anna Adam__?? (daughter of Joannis, of ______??)

I could only find one other clear example of the bride's maiden name, which I've attached.

The groom's last name is later also known as Lokvenc or Lokwentz (in German)

Here's the link to the image on FamilySearch:

Thank you in advance for the assistance!
Other example
Lokvenc marriage.jpg
Marriage record
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Re: Oddání 1781 Kostelec

Příspěvekod zedir » úte srp 07, 2018 23:09

Good evening, I'm reading this...

Loquencz Josephus filius Clementis Loquencz Kostelecio cum Anna filia defuncti Joannis Adamek ex Zernov?

...which means in English (and with an application of contemporary Czech):

Lokvenc Josef, the son of Klement Lokvenc from Kostelec, with Anna, the daughter of deceased Jan Adámek from... Žernov?

I am not sure of place of Jan's origin because I don't have Family Search account and therefore I don't know which Kostelec is the right one ("Kostelec" is a very common name for a municipality in Czech Republic) and also there is quite a little of the text to compare and determine unclear letters.

edit: I've taken a look at your last questions so I believe you mean Červený Kostelec. There is Žernov very near (on the map). But as I said, I'm not sure it's what you're looking for.
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Re: Oddání 1781 Kostelec

Příspěvekod MattH » úte srp 07, 2018 23:35

Thank you for your explanation. I should have been more specific about the location, but you came to the correct conclusion. The name of the town became Horní Kostelec, but at that point it was known as Ober Kosteletz; both of which were in the Náchod district.
Again, I appreciate your help!
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