Narození 1801, Písek, čeština

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Re: Narození 1801, Písek, čeština

Příspěvekod Věra Mátlová » pát bře 30, 2018 20:21

1. In the case of burghers the orphan and guardianship agenda was in charge of the city administration, so probably some information should be found in documents of the city administration (District archive (SOkA) Písek, fund No. 160 - Archive of the town of Písek). Unfortunately access to the fund is limited, more or less to “younger” documents i.e. from 1850.
2. Registries of the town of Cheb are available online As for Cheb there are 4 parishes, two of them (St. Bartholomew and St. Nicolas) containing records from the town of Cheb. If I understand that well, you are looking for the birth of Erhard’s second wife Anna Katharina Gross around 1823. However, in the relevant period I did not find the name Gross there. Anna Katharina did not have to be born in Cheb at all, her family could settle in there later.
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